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I was hoping to make my new post from my newly re-cased computer and talk about how awesome my new case was.. but nay, I haven’t gotten it yet. Hopefully it’ll be here tomorrow. In the meantime though, i’ll talk about other things; like the garden. The plants are growing, ever so slowly, and i […]

rainwater, how i love thee.

I want to build this. I’ve been looking at getting some sort of rainwater reclamation system built in our backyard. 1) because it would be fun, 2) it would help the compost out as city water has chlorine and other things harmful for compost microbes, and 3) it’ll help save water on watering plants and […]

Garden Pictures

Like i promised, i’m going to post pictures of the garden. It’s not huge, but it does produce a good amount of stuff 🙂

garden suggestions?

My parents have started a garden in our backyard. And so far we’ve grown quite a bit. We have a variety of tomatos, spicy peppers, rosemary, basil, and other herbs. Recently we’ve talked about expanding it, and i’ve been thinking about what else to add in. I’ve come up with cucumbers, raspberries (since i think […]