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Father’s Day Weekend

I’m not a dad, oh no sir. But my dad is 😛 Let’s start back on Friday. I really didn’t do much, mainly read, nap, play video games, mow the lawn, drink beers. Speaking of the lawn.. a few days earlier we’d put down some weed killer and it seems to be working. Now all […]

The Gatekeepers

As you all know (or i hope you do), a few friends of mine have come together to join forces in the epic battle against bad video games. We’ve formed So!Soft LLC (So-Not-Soft), an independant game studio and have been working with the XNA framework to make games. Actually, lets rephrase that. So far Zach’s […]

AJAX, you’re so confusing!!

So, i’ve been building a website for this Paintball team. They seem to do pretty well in tournaments and from what I’ve been told they already have possible sponsors lining up. They want their site ready as soon as possible, but at the same time I don’t want to give them garbage. I want to […]

First Weekend

Just finished my first whole weekend at the new place. It’s starting to really feel like home the more i use things and put things in their proper place (like clothes in my dresser instead of in the hamper). Friday night was Halloween. Zach made me a zombie, his makeup job was awesome! I’ve posted […]

So Not Soft Store is open for business!

Our store is now open for business! We finally got our paperwork yesterday making our LLC official! We also got our EIN (aka Federal Tax Identification Number), which means that we can start taking money from victims.. i mean, customers. *yawn* require caffeine

So!Soft is alive!

So, you’re looking at the blog of the co-founder and part owner of SoNotSoft LLC. The big day started today as Zach got us registered early this morning. Since then we’ve been doing all sorts of things. Everything from planning what steps we need to take next (like get all our financial and legal things […]