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Duck, NC

I took a trip to Duck, NC last month. The trip was great! I thought i’d update here with some video and pictures! The group consisted of friends who all play Left 4 Dead together. We were all looking forward to an epic week! On the first day we got there i was so exicted! […]


It’s monday again 🙁 And it’s back to the real-life grind. This weekend was a lot of fun. Let’s all hop into the way-back-machine and i can tell you of my adventures! Thursday – 9 July 2009 I wake up around 7-ish to find that my backup of all my music from my old server […]

Christmas Eve at the Parents

Nothing says Christmas Eve like sitting in the living room opening one present under the tree, watching TV, drinking beer, and blogging. We went to Kansai to chow-down on some delicious sushi. omnomnomnom tbh. The dogs are all wound up because of all the snacks and wrapped presents (they think it’s all for them to […]

Left 4 Dead

I’d seen ads for Left 4 Dead a while ago and figured it was just another Zombie game. Then a friend at work recommended the demo. I went and got it the last day the demo was available. After an hour or so of downloading, Sean and I were deep inside a subway station fighting […]