funny fings i’f found on dah intarwebs

Entertaining and funny stuff break dancin’ kitteh my car is a canoe! attack of the ROFLCopters! popup kitteh lol priest lookin’ for wild womens step away from windows XP fwendship Less funny, more interesting or cool Ok, something i found that’s not really funny. Just really awing. I mean, i don’t consider myself rich. But […]

I have my computer back!

So at work they’re distributing a new baseline for all the computers. My machine got it about 2 weeks ago. The updates were pretty simple, upgrade from Office 2003 to 2007, IE 6 to 8, Security Updates etc etc. Last week at some point my computer died, it would start up and as soon as […]

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Something I saw online.. It’s not that I don’t like anyone who’s Christian/Jewish/Muslim, it’s just the fanatics/maniacs/hardcore ones that can’t seem to even entertain the idea of intelligible debate over any topics religious. I thought i’d clarify this, before assumptions were made. Visit twitter~thiago_gil’s ImageShack profile Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

Xbox 360 — a rediscovering

Sean and I played my 360 last night. It’s been.. almost 6 months since i last picked it up and played something. I’d picked up Tales of Vesperia over at Game Stop earlier that evening and was going to play that. Then I remembered Zach telling me about Castle Crashers and that i should play […]

I love you Gizmodo!

I created a Gizmodo account today, hopefully it’ll be approved. In the meantime, I’ll let you in on the posts that i found interesting and/or important. – i like the pirate code he links to. It makes sense to me. I could abide by that. – AH HA! Take that RIAA propagandists! […]