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Comcast can’t keep it up? I’ll let them know about it

So over the last few months my internet service with Comcast has been less than stellar. My connection would drop out at random times throughout the day, on some days I wouldn’t stay connected for more than 20 or so minutes at a time. At first, I was hoping that it was a random issue […]

Trying to move from Sprint to Straight Talk

This whole process has been quite frustrating. But first, let me give you some background information on what i’m trying to do. I’ve been with Sprint for years, I’d say since 2000 or 2001 when i was still on with my parents. Then a few years ago, 2008 i think, I got a new phone […]

outrageous to some; rational to others

Obama invokes ‘state secrets’ claim to dismiss suit against targeting of U.S. citizen al-Aulaqi When i first read about this, i was outraged! I thought that we had taken one of our own citizens and just decided to execute them without reason, without a trial, without a chance of self-defense. But when i read the […]

Employer-Employee relations

While I might still be a youngster when it comes to working in the corporate world or knowing how management and employees are supposed to interact, I still think common sense should apply. An employee is expected to perform certain tasks for pay. When asked to take on extra responsibilities the employee is within his […]

Why can’t we just use common sense?

I guess i’ve been thinking about that a lot. While at work I get bombarded with FOX News all day long, constantly spinning their web of blah blah blah. Ok, i get it. People will have different opinions about this, about that. But most of the time the opinions being conveyed are very narrowly focused […]

Still at Work

It’s almost 8pm, and i’m still at work. It also looks like I’ll be here for a bit longer. So, i’m pulling a 12hr+ shift today. Don’t worry though, I’m only getting paid for 10. Good ol’ corporate America at work. On the plus side though, I do get to come in late tomorrow. They […]

How hard is it, really?

When someone works somewhere, it’s usually not because they like it. They do it because otherwise they’d be living in a cardboard box, or in a van down by the river. So, that being said, it would only make sense that a company’s payroll department would be on the ball when it comes to making […]

Warranties FTL!

Yesterday, i got up at a time when, regularly, i should still be sleeping to take my car to the dealership to get some work done on it. It was supposed to be a mix of regular maintenance and some other fixin’s. Well, I get up there around 9am (after an hour drive), talk to […]

Websense, I despise YOU

The place of my employment uses Websense to make sure all its’ worker bees stay on track and don’t look at naughty pictures while they are working. Understandable, let me assure you. I’m in no way saying I should be able to look at adult material while at work. What I am saying, is that […]

Oracle.. why? just why?

So today we had to install the oracle client on a few machines at work. Man, what a pain that was. It took almost an hour to get the thing setup. I don’t understand why it should take that long to install a client that lets you connect to another database type. I’ve used mySQL […]