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Some things new, some things old

So, yeah, i know.. it’s been a while. It’s been a combination of things that have kept me from posting anything; mainly laziness i think. But i have my laptop at work today, and it’s lunch time, so i figured.. why the hell not? It’s about f-ing time. //Work First up is work. Things have […]

Week One Complete!

I’ve finished my first week at my new job. It’s a weird sensation. I feel like I’ve been there for quite a while already, but that time has gone by really fast. Maybe it has to do with the fact that i was totally sick for about half the week? The first three days were […]

Oracle and PHP

So a few weeks ago i talked about how confusing Oracle and its’ clients can be. While i still think the lack of simple documentation, and confusing download layout are very annoying, I’ve begun to understand how things work. Well.. kind of. And by “kind of”, I totally mean, i’m still pretty lost. At least […]

AJAX, you’re so confusing!!

So, i’ve been building a website for this Paintball team. They seem to do pretty well in tournaments and from what I’ve been told they already have possible sponsors lining up. They want their site ready as soon as possible, but at the same time I don’t want to give them garbage. I want to […]

Twitter is win and kitteh!

Something i forgot to post on my last post was my new plugin i’m working on. Not so much at work this time, well, ok that’s a lie, but yea.. You can check out the work in progress here and here. Basically it’ll be like a friends page for all your twitter friends. This way […]

grumble grumble

“grrr” that’s all i have to say about my personal life right now. And now on to work-ish related stuff. The RSS Reader that i wrote for e107 has become very popular. It’s a weird feeling knowing that over 200 people in the world are using something you created. Even though up to now i’ve […]

Eve Online Killboard Setup

Since the eve-dev website is down, and currently residing over at eve-id.net. And i saw a search string pop up in my blog stats dealing with how to create a killboard.  I thought i’d put together a quick howto on how to set up your very own eve killboard.  Note to anyone who wants to […]

So!Soft is alive!

So, you’re looking at the blog of the co-founder and part owner of SoNotSoft LLC. The big day started today as Zach got us registered early this morning. Since then we’ve been doing all sorts of things. Everything from planning what steps we need to take next (like get all our financial and legal things […]

rss_reader update

I made some more changes to the rss_reader plugin I’m writing. I’m foreseeing that it will be totally completed this week, and submitted to the e107 community sometime late this week, or early next week. As long as there’s not already something else out there, i’m sure that people will like it. I mean who […]