CoolPlayer and some tunes

So, I found this cool plugin Anarchy Player that lets me stream media in posts. So i’m gonna try it out 🙂 Here are a few songs that i uploaded that i’ve been listening to a lot. To change songs, click on the numbers that are at the top of the player. Mindless Self Indulgence […]

rss_reader update

So, I’m very close to the completion of the rss_reader plugin for e107. The plan is to upload it to the e107 plugins site and then have a mirror on This will probably be the first project hosted on So!Soft, which is very exciting!! So, here’s what the plug in does now. When installed […]

Movie Night at Ryan’s

I went to Ryan’s place last night for Movie Night. Good times were had by all! Ryan cooked burritos for everyone, i brought some beverages, peppers from the garden, and limes (not sure why…).  We watched Enter the Dragon; awesome movie, even if some of the effects were a bit dated and the screaming just […]

updates :)

I’ve switched up some of the plugins i’m using. if you notice there are my latest flickr photos on the page now. i’ve also imported a bunch of my latest LJ posts, to kind of help bring a history to the blog. ‘Favorite Sites’ has been renamed to ‘Projects’ since that’s kind of what they […]

work picnic

tomorrow is the work picnic. i’m not sure if i’ll enjoy myself or not. i mean, i’m sure there will be stuff to do, but things don’t look too well on the horizon. there are forecasts saying it’ll rain, or that it’s going to be blistering hot. either way, things will be uncomfortable. well, i […]