work picnic

tomorrow is the work picnic. i’m not sure if i’ll enjoy myself or not. i mean, i’m sure there will be stuff to do, but things don’t look too well on the horizon. there are forecasts saying it’ll rain, or that it’s going to be blistering hot. either way, things will be uncomfortable. well, i suppose i could try to enjoy myself, but without access to the interwebs i’ll actually have to socialize! OMG! 😛

we’ll see how it goes. i just have to remember to bring the drinks i promised i would.

i’ve also gotten enough peppers to give zach a bunch. man those things are tasty.

garden suggestions?

My parents have started a garden in our backyard. And so far we’ve grown quite a bit. We have a variety of tomatos, spicy peppers, rosemary, basil, and other herbs. Recently we’ve talked about expanding it, and i’ve been thinking about what else to add in. I’ve come up with cucumbers, raspberries (since i think i killed our last attempt), grapes, and olives. I’m not sure if we can grow all that, since some things are quite climate specific. But i think it would be cool to try.

Does anyone have any suggestions for things they think would be cool to grow?

I’ll post some pics of what we’ve grown so far later.


So i got my EeePC yesterday. I have to say that it’s pretty awesome! The OS that it comes with is pretty limited (I have the linux one, it was cheaper ;)). I’m not sure if the windows one is the same or not. But i plan on replacing the stock Operating System with something a bit more traditional. I’m thinking Ubuntu, since i’ve read reviews that it seems to run pretty well. Plus it will do more of what i want to do, which is download and install whatever i want to 😛

Next step for it is sticker alley! I’ve got a few planned for it already, mainly Hak5 ones i got a little while ago. I’ve been thinking about painting it too, but i’m not too secure in my abilities not to jack something up.

It’s friday. I’m at work and my break is almost over 🙁

Why can’t it be 4pm yet?

Work Portal

So, for a while i’ve been working on this portal/news site for my workplace. there’s already one that kind of exists, but it’s halfway unmaintained and the design isn’t that great. On a whim i got a copy of e107 installed on our local apache server and started configuring and adding content to the system. Well, yesterday it was launched. It seems to be handling itself well, people log in every morning (i guess to read news and stuff). I’d just wish they’d take advantage of some of the other services there are, like the forums and private messaging. Maybe people are really just too busy to use it? or maybe they really don’t care? i dunno.

I think it looks great, i wish i could show it to you all, but it’s behind all the firewalls here (pretty much cut off from the rest of the internet world). There are links to training information, corporate policy and benefits, news, moderated and unmoderated forums.. all sorts of things. Oh well, maybe it will just take them a few days to really discover everything.

welp. my queries are done running, time to start making my weekly reports.

BlogDesk is now online!

So, some stuff happened at work, half of which i can’t really remember anymore (even though it was 10 minutes ago). It had something to do with job titles, pay, and me starting to look for a new job.

Contract living just sucks, i’ll tell you that. Once the company bids on a contract and they get their allotted money, they’re stuck. No room for raises, no room for job title changes, nothing. So i’m stuck as a programmer making about 10-15 thousand dollars less a year than the county (not country) average. Well, that blows 🙁

On to fun things. I’ve gotten BlogDesk installed and it seems to be working. It’s a client for wordpress that lets me post to my blog without having to log into the website. It handles all sorts of things, like uploading files and images, and um.. other things i haven’t messed with 😛

kk, that’s it for now, i’ll try to make more detailed posts later, i’m kinda ninja posting at work.


So i’m totally at work right now, and i’m posting to my blog! Now i have to look for a client that will let me post without having to log in.

So we’re talking about instead of having presidents for four years, we should have dictators for four years. I would be called “the Big Cheese”.  A buddy said he’d decree his name be only for him, all other Zach’s must change their names or be executed. With power like that i think we could finally get some work done, lol!

Ok Ok, back to more serious things. This blog still needs some work. I’ll research how to use this thing a bit more once i get home. For now i’ll just be posting stuff from work.

i think i’m done here (imported from LJ)

so after, well.. a long time, i’m going to stop using LJ. I’ll stop posting here at least. Don’t worry, i’ll still read all your blogs and leave you my three and a half cents. I’ve just moved on. Mainly, I went ahead and bought the domain name and set up a blog for myself. It’s a nice feeling knowing that i have full control over everything. Things seem to be changing in life. I can’t seem to put my finger on it, but i feel different. Maybe it’s the regular exercise, maybe it’s that work is finally calming down, maybe it’s the fact that i’m actually looking at places to move out into. maybe it’s all of those combined.

anyway, i should be a bit more active on my new blog, since i’ll be able to access it from work (hopefully) more regularly than LJ (it gets blocked when bandwidth becomes limited).

Feel free to drop by and register, so you can leave me nice comments 😀