rainwater, how i love thee.

I want to build this.

I’ve been looking at getting some sort of rainwater reclamation system built in our backyard. 1) because it would be fun, 2) it would help the compost out as city water has chlorine and other things harmful for compost microbes, and 3) it’ll help save water on watering plants and the garden.

right now the big issue is, WHERE DO I GET A 55 GALLON DRUM FROM?? Everything else seems pretty easy to get. and i’ve already found the spot where i want to put the drum. So now i just NEED the drum, build eveything and then get the rain-gods to pour their sweet juices to the earth.

That shouldn’t be too hard 😛

And now for your reading pleasure… Eve-Online nerdiness.

So, we tried to take a system today. The results of which didn’t come out like we liked.

We started as two gangs, one in 0.0 already, one in empire. I was part of the 0.0 gang, sporting my myrmidon. We make our way through space to the system we needed to be in. The two gangs meet up and consolidate, we’re now a massive force of 40 ships. We close off the constellation by bubbling the bottleneck system. We wait a while and then move to our target system. We camp that gate while our capitals jump in and start blasting at some of the POSes there in the system.

Meanwhile, we sit at the gate trying to catch small interceptors and covops that keep jumping in. Quite annoying. We’re about to take one of the POSes into reinforced mode when our scout yells, “40 MAN GANG INBOUND, MOSTLY BSs!!” Shit! We brace for impact, and boy do they impact! Delta starts calling primary, but there are so many that i can’t tell where it is! I finally find it, lock it and send my drones after it. Something is wrong though, we can’t seem to break the tank! they have more than 4 domis all remote repping everyone. So we start dying, bad, right? And if things can’t get any worse, someone yells, “They just dropped an Avatar at the POS!” A titan, a fucking titan! on us!?! Not just that, but moments later there are more titans! This is nuts! So we try to occupy them while we get our capitals out. Which worked for the most part, i think we only lost one or two capitals, out of the 6 we had.

Oh, and i lost my myrm too, but escaped in my pod, which is still stuck in that system. Another bit of history for the Legion of Black Mesa and Capital Storm has been written. We dun got titans dropped on us.

For more info on Eve-Online, LGNBM, and Capital Storm check these out 🙂
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Black Mesa News(My corporation website)
Legion of Black Mesa Killboard(My corporation killboard)
Capital Storm Killboard(My Alliance killboard)

CoolPlayer and some tunes

So, I found this cool plugin Anarchy Player that lets me stream media in posts. So i’m gonna try it out 🙂

Here are a few songs that i uploaded that i’ve been listening to a lot. To change songs, click on the numbers that are at the top of the player.

Mindless Self Indulgence – Big Poppa
Aesop Rock – Cook It Up
Barenaked Ladies – Alcohol

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rss_reader update

So, I’m very close to the completion of the rss_reader plugin for e107. The plan is to upload it to the e107 plugins site and then have a mirror on sonotsoft.com. This will probably be the first project hosted on So!Soft, which is very exciting!!

So, here’s what the plug in does now.
When installed it adds a table to the e107 database which will store the rss feeds that the web admin wants to store/display.
Then in the admin menu, the admin can add, edit, and delete feeds. Also, the admin can set feeds as active, meaning they won’t show up in the menu list for the user.
The actual page has a drop down where the user can choose a feed and then it will be loaded dynamically (through the awesome nature of AJAX).

What still needs to be done:
A side bar menu for the feed, and an admin page to go with it. This will let the admin put an rss feed on one of the side menu areas.

So, it’s close, but still needs some work! More to come 🙂


We use this news system at work, called e107. Basically it’s a website where company news can be posted to, users can access forums to give feedback and discuss certain things. It has downloads of most all company information (benefits, alert rosters, memos, etc). the thing that was missing, and i couldn’t find anywhere on the e107 plugins site, was an RSS Reader. For those of you who don’t know what an rss feed is, it’s a way for a website to syndicate its content. RSS == Really Simple Syndication. What i wanted to do was to allow our employees to hit the latest news from a list of news sites through our site. So, i wrote one.

What it looks like you can see here, at my Eve Corporation website. I also installed the plugin there. I’m still working on it at the moment, i’m adding in management pages so a site admin can edit and add the feeds that will be displayed. I think i’ll be able to finish that next week.

Once it’s complete i’ll add a download to this site, so anyone can use it.

Movie Night at Ryan’s

I went to Ryan’s place last night for Movie Night. Good times were had by all! Ryan cooked burritos for everyone, i brought some beverages, peppers from the garden, and limes (not sure why…).  We watched Enter the Dragon; awesome movie, even if some of the effects were a bit dated and the screaming just sounded cheesy.

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Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty bland i guess. I mean some things happened which i’m not going to talk about on the internet, but over all not much happened. I spent a lot of time just watching Doctor Who (I’ve been catching up so I’ve been watching all the episodes from Season 1 -> Season 3). I’m almost done! Too bad Billie Piper isn’t on any more, i think she made a better companion than the new Martha.

Anyway, back on track. Saturday i helped with the lawn work and made sure the compost heap was turned. It’s really starting to produce some nice topsoil. If you have your own garden, i’d suggest a compost pile as well, it really helps with keeping your soil filled with nutrients. On Sunday I went and helped my buddy Ryan move into his new apartment in Louisville. the place is pretty nice! Tall ceilings, nice backyard, all hardwood floors. The place is from the turn of the last century (or somewhere around there). It’s in the historical district of Old Louisville. I’ll probably be going back again today, just to hang out a bit and help him finish up the moving.

Well, time to get back to work 😛

updates :)

I’ve switched up some of the plugins i’m using. if you notice there are my latest flickr photos on the page now. i’ve also imported a bunch of my latest LJ posts, to kind of help bring a history to the blog. ‘Favorite Sites’ has been renamed to ‘Projects’ since that’s kind of what they are. I work on both sites, Black Mesa more than So!Soft (pronounced So Not Soft).

Well, tomorrow i’ll be helping my buddy Ryan move into his new apartment in Louisville, anyone that wants to do anything while i’m up there give me a call. I’ll try to remember to take pictures to show you all.