Browser Comparison

At work, we’re pretty much restricted to using Internet Explorer 6. I’m a rebel and use Firefox anyway. There are lots of free alternatives to Internet Explorer on the internet. But why use them? What advantages do they have over what comes default on most machines people buy? Lets break it down into three categories; […]

Dell Hybrid

I ordered a new computer about 2 weeks ago. It’s a Dell Hybrid Studio. I got it this last week and i’ve been playing with it over the weekend. As a whole it’s a very nice machine out of the box. The cheapest stock machine wasn’t really anything great, but it would still make a […]

So!Soft is alive!

So, you’re looking at the blog of the co-founder and part owner of SoNotSoft LLC. The big day started today as Zach got us registered early this morning. Since then we’ve been doing all sorts of things. Everything from planning what steps we need to take next (like get all our financial and legal things […]

rss_reader update

So, I’m very close to the completion of the rss_reader plugin for e107. The plan is to upload it to the e107 plugins site and then have a mirror on This will probably be the first project hosted on So!Soft, which is very exciting!! So, here’s what the plug in does now. When installed […]

updates :)

I’ve switched up some of the plugins i’m using. if you notice there are my latest flickr photos on the page now. i’ve also imported a bunch of my latest LJ posts, to kind of help bring a history to the blog. ‘Favorite Sites’ has been renamed to ‘Projects’ since that’s kind of what they […]