Christmas Eve at the Parents

Nothing says Christmas Eve like sitting in the living room opening one present under the tree, watching TV, drinking beer, and blogging. We went to Kansai to chow-down on some delicious sushi. omnomnomnom tbh. The dogs are all wound up because of all the snacks and wrapped presents (they think it’s all for them to […]

AJAX, you’re so confusing!!

So, i’ve been building a website for this Paintball team. They seem to do pretty well in tournaments and from what I’ve been told they already have possible sponsors lining up. They want their site ready as soon as possible, but at the same time I don’t want to give them garbage. I want to […]

*grumble grumble* Mondays

Mondays are the worst. You’ve just gotten into the cycle of getting relaxing sleep when you have to break it just so you can go to work and make money so you have a nice bed to sleep in. Personally, I’m just glad coffee was discovered. Otherwise I’d be fired and homeless… my fuse is […]